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Ernst Group Hong Kong Holdings Limited was founded in Hong Kong in 1993. In 1997, the current CEO, Bernhard Josef Ernst, took over the management of the company. Our company has enjoyed continued development on the basis of trust and integrity. The Ernst Group offers a range of solutions for your market success. Thanks to our more than 20 years of business experience in specialized areas in Asia, we are skilled at handling very complicated trade issues. Throughout its development, the company has established subsidiaries for its individual business sectors. This enables us to assist you with our know-how and experience in all possible areas.



Bernhard Ernst grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, taking on the practice of independent and responsible work from an early age. After his training in mechanical engineering, he gained experience in various manufacturing companies.
It was important to him to work through all the sectors of a business, from purchasing and calculation to production and employee management to sales.


Since at that time Asia was already promising a future market and because he was fascinated by that continent, in 1993 he established a company in Hong Kong that operates under the name ‘Ernst Group Hong Kong Holdings Limited’.
Initially, the company gained experience with production that was supervised on behalf of German companies on location in China. It has always been important to him to maintain the adherence to high quality standards during production that he commenced in Germany.


Over the years, Mr Ernst expanded the company further and divided it into several divisions. Thanks to the good contacts, in addition to the production and consultancy sectors, another branch was established focusing on direct marketing. Under the management of Mr Ernst, since then the company has added offices in China and Singapore with a total of more than 100 employees in addition to the main location in Hong Kong.