Pro-Aqua天然消毒劑 1000ml



100% 澳洲出口製造🇦🇺成份由荔枝精油、薰衣草精油、全天然成份等等多種天然草本植物提煉而成,植物性消毒及清潔液,環保無毒無害,對人寵及環境非常安全,可接觸皮膚,天然抗菌及消毒,仿沐浴露氣味,令家居環境身心舒展。

🛡️TGA COVID-19 測試 – 證實接觸殺滅率達99.99%
🛡️殺死 99% 空氣傳播的細菌、真菌、黴菌和孢子
🛡️100% 天然活性成分,對人類、動物及環境安全
🛡️配方使用與 TGA 列出的商業級消毒劑相同的活性成分
🛡️經證明可對抗包括 SARS CoV-2 病毒在內的病原體



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pro-aqua 消毒劑 100%澳洲製造,隆重推出全新天然配方 消毒劑 ,植物性環保消毒。採用微⽣物控制技術,精選澳洲有機精油的專有混合物製成,提供強大的消毒殺菌功效。

🌱配合 pro-aqua 空氣淨化功能
🌱配合 airvenue 空氣淨化機

pro-aqua 消毒劑 功能及特性:

⚠️如閣下已成為 pro-aqua 或airvenue客戶,


pro-aqua 消毒劑 100ml裝

pro-aqua Natural Disinfectant is a new all-natural formula disinfectant, 100% made in Australia. is a Microbial Control Technology, independently validated to reduce fungal and bacterial bio-burden levels within indoor environments. Formulated with over 20 plant actives, Pro-Aqua Natural Disinfectant is100% safe for humans, animals and the environment. Created through extensive research and development, the technology capitalises on the relationship between nature and science to effectively neutralise and control airborne and surface contamination without the use of toxic chemicals.

Pro-Aqua Natural Disinfectant kills 99% for fungicidal activity and 99% for sporicidal activity In accordance with TGA protocols, Pro-Aqua Natural Disinfectant was tested against representative mould species to determine efficacy against fungus and fungals spores (which are more difficult to kill than fungus).

🛡️TGA COVID-19 Testing – Proven to have a 99.99% contact kill rate
🛡️Kills 99% of airborne bacteria, fungi, mold and spores
🛡️100% natural active ingredients, safe for humans, animals and the environment
🛡️Formulation uses the same active ingredients as the commercial-grade disinfectants listed by the TGA
🛡️Proven effective against pathogens including the SARS-CoV-2 virus

🌱 General home cleaning
🌱 Daily disinfectant spraying
🌱 Use with pro-aqua air purification
🌱 Use with airvenue air purifiers

pro-aqua disinfectant features and benefits:
⭐ Anti-mold and antibacterial
⭐ Independently tested and verified
⭐ Improves air quality
⭐ Food-grade safety certified
⭐ Respiratory and dermal safe
⭐ Biodegradable and sustainable
⭐ No irritating chemicals
⭐ Safe for pets and plants
⭐ Mild, bath-like fragrance

If you are an existing pro-aqua or airvenue customer, you can purchase this product at the customer price. Please call 3188-1233 or contact your dedicated consultant to place a direct order. Thank you.

🔹Free delivery to industrial, commercial or residential addresses (Hong Kong area only)on orders over $500
🔹ransportation Charge for Remote Area
🔹No refunds or returns.



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